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“State of the Art Performance”


Our WFS-chamber is ready to serve you and your testing needs. We bring it to you, you plug it in and start to work.

No delays, no building teams, no planning or designing – upfront or afterwards.


Our WFS-chamber is not tied up in one place, you can easily transport it wherever you need to perform OTA measurements.

You just unplug it, move it to another location, plug it back in – and start to work.


Our WFS-chamber needs a whole lot less floor space than any other solution on earth. Take advantage of that and use your informal floor space more efficiently.

It is only 4 meters long – go figure!

We launched our new WFS – Plane Wave Generator and it was a success!

Our new WFS – Plane Wave Generator launch webinar was a success – not only in terms of the size of the audience, but also in the diversity of industry represented from all over the world: telecom, automotive, aerospace, defense... It was our pleasure to present our new solution to such a broad audience. And we are looking forward to continue our discussions with you all!

In case you missed it, not to worry, just contact us and we will arrange a private tour for you. We have also collected some highlighted clips of the webinar down below.

References – what has been said about it?

“Nice new compact size Plane Wave Generator for #5G OTA testing!”

Patrick Hindle, Editor of all things high frequency at Microwave Journal (On LinkedIn)

“State of the Art quiet zone performance!”

A client

Take a quick look; highlighted clips from launch webinar

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Solutions that fit your needs

WFS – Plane Wave Generator, our chamber solution, uses real time near-field to far-field conversion to enable sub6GHz 5G base station performance testing over the air (OTA) in a compact 4 m long chamber.

The solution removes the need for a large far-field chamber, saving floorspace and cost, while increasing test capacity per square meter.​ You can set them up side by side or one on the other, anyway you like.

More capacity, more results with less space, time and money. Pure and simple.