5G Antenna Positioning System - Standard

Orbis Systems’ turnkey solution for 5G active antenna testing

Orbis Systems is presenting two different standard 5G Antenna Positioners. We have one for 5G Sub 6 GHz OTA Chamber, and smaller one for 5G mmWave OTA Chamber. Orbis Systems is also having turnkey solution which includes 5G OTA chamber with needed interfaces and accessories, positioner system with antenna positioner, DUT positioner, and calibration package.

All specifications of our Standard Products can be adjusted according to customers’ needs.
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5G Antenna Positioning System

General: Antenna positioner has three axes. Measurement antenna height, measurement distance and antenna polarization can be adjusted. Position of each one of the axes can be read real-time through Ethernet interface (REST API). Each positioner axes has absolute position sensor and it will not lose position during power shutdown, so additional scales or rulers are not needed. Zero/home positions are calibrated during installation.