Machine Vision Software - OVP

Orbis Systems Vision Software Platform (OVP) is the third generation vision software platform for developing and running industrial vision applications in a PC under the Windows operating system.

OVP is designed to be used in different levels of quality inspection tasks, from functional testing of products like hand held mobile devices to most complicated assembly verification and 3D measurement applications. OVP is available in four different packages, depending on the application requirements.

OVP Applications

  • Functional testing
    • Displays, touch screens, keypads, LEDs, cameras, flash lights
  • Assembly verification
    • Mechanical assemblies, gaps, component presence and positions, principal colors, logos and markings
  • Quality inspection
    • Printing quality, surface quality
  • Identification / product tracking
    • Barcode and 2D matrix reading, OCR, OCV

OVP Benefits

  • Eliminates human mistakes and subjective judgment
  • Reduces labor cost
  • Shortens testing time
  • Gives repeatable and recordable measurement results
  • Keeps consistent quality regardless of the time and location
  • Helps to increase productivity and improves quality

OVP is cost effective and user friendly machine vision software